How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

Hiring a nanny is an attractive solution for families that value consistency and
flexibility when it comes to child care, but can prove costly.
Determine how much to pay a nanny can depend on numerous factors, including
hourly rate, taxes, insurance premiums and any extra responsibilities such as
transportation or grocery shopping. Families should take this information into
consideration before making their decision.

Nanny Rates of pay

Pay rates for nannies should depend on their level of experience and qualifications
as well as any additional services rendered such as driving children to school.
Furthermore, families should take into consideration whether their nanny will
provide room and board; this could have an effect on their hourly rate.
Other important considerations when hiring a nanny include whether she works as
an employee or independent contractor. If she falls under employee status, a
workplace award will govern rates and benefits provided; otherwise, families may be
held liable for contributing a portion of employment taxes.
Some nannies are in high demand and therefore command higher salaries due to
their experience, language skills, education or other qualifications. Furthermore,
some offer additional services like grocery shopping and cooking; mileage
reimbursement or public transit subsidies; while others receive paid vacation and
holiday time as benefits.

Nanny Taxes

Nannies must pay both federal and state taxes, which can be substantial. Families
must withhold from nannies’ wages for Medicare and Social Security withholding;
additionaly they may qualify for tax breaks such as Flexible Spending Account or
Child and Dependent Care credits when filing their federal returns.
Although nannies may be seen as employees, it’s essential that their tax status be
carefully considered prior to hiring one. The IRS considers them employees if their
annual earnings surpass $2,600; in such an instance they must contribute towards
employer taxes as a part of their payroll obligations.
Families can save both time and money by employing a payroll service to take care
of paperwork for household employees. These services typically charge around
$70.00 monthly; additionally they can help families take advantage of tax credits
such as Flexible Spending Account and Child and Dependent Care tax credits; they
may even reimburse nannies for transportation expenses like metro cards or gas



Nanny insurance is a must for families. It covers incidents not typically covered by
home, renters or auto policies – such as an incident involving your nanny driving
your children in her own car and colliding with another vehicle, or running into
someone. Your nanny’s personal liability coverage would cover damages such as
medical bills as well as potential libel, slander and defamation claims against her.
Some families opt to offer health insurance reimbursement accounts (HRAs) as part
of their hiring package, enabling nannies to set aside pre-tax money in an HRA to
either cover their deductibles or decrease monthly premium costs.
Families may also provide their nannies with unemployment insurance policies and
add her as an insured driver on their automobile policy. Some families may even
consider purchasing employment practice liability coverage to protect them against
lawsuits alleging wrongful termination or discrimination claims.



Cost of hiring a nanny depends on each family’s individual circumstances and
requirements. Some families opt for live-in nannies, requiring room and board from
them; this option is popular among families with special needs children or those that
require nontraditional work schedules; additionally, families are responsible for
paying background checks as well as certifications such as CPR training for these
Many nannies take on additional household duties such as laundry, cooking and
cleaning, which should be reflected in their salary. Nannies typically receive
vacation and sick days as well as family contributions toward health care costs.
Most families utilize a payroll service to manage payments and tax withholdings for
their nanny, helping reduce risk of tax mistakes while making sure all taxes and
withholdings are paid correctly. Some services even handle year-end paperwork or
pay stubs/receipts – saving time for both them and the family! Other expenses might
include auto insurance for your nanny if applicable.


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