How Much Do Flight Nannies Cost?

How Much Do Flight Nannies Cost?


Flight Nannies are responsible for transporting pets from breeders to their new
homes, charging a fee that covers airfare and cabin fees.
Kopczynski emphasizes that becoming a flight nanny requires months of preparation
and research before even beginning, before being approved and registered with the



Flight nannies come with various fees that vary based on several factors. Some
charge a flat fee while others may require pre-booked payments prior to making
reservations for flights.
No matter their cost, air nannies tend to be well worth their investment. Experts
advise seeking an experienced flight nanny with excellent references and a
thorough background check – they should also understand airline pet policies and
As part of your trip, be prepared for any additional costs that may arise during its
duration, such as food or medication for any health concerns, as well as tipping the
flight nanny if their service has been satisfactory.




ZipRecruiter reports that flight nannies typically earn between $22,000 and $50,000
annually, though costs for their services may depend on factors such as distance
traveled and any special arrangements made for services rendered.
Professional animal lovers trained in pet care often travel aboard commercial airlines
with animals that are safely contained within cargo containers. These professionals
are known as flight nannies and often receive tips.
One flight nanny named Jennifer Kopczynski has made a career out of transporting
pets across the United States. Recently she took to Tiktok to share her experiences
on the job; her videos have received over one million likes. Her expenses typically
include round-trip airfare and airline pet fees as well as nanny fees; in order to
reduce these costs she prefers limiting trips to one day so as to save on her nanny
fee costs.



Flight nannies usually provide a price quote after making their reservation, which
depends on the distance of their trip and includes airfares and cabin fees.
Puppy breeders frequently recommend flight nannies to their customers, while
working independently and advertising on third-party websites such as Citizen
Shipper. McGee advises eschewing free classified ads in favor of finding those
referred by friends and family.
She advises hiring a flight nanny through a reliable transport company that conducts
background checks and certifications on its employees, making comparison easier
between services offered. Long distance flights often necessitate a longer stay at
airports with potential needs for hotel accommodations which could increase service
fees significantly.




Flight nannies must usually carry insurance in case of an accident, similar to what
other travelers require for work travel. These policies can quickly add up in cost if
flight nannies travel often.
Flight Nannies meet breeders at airports or other designated meeting points and
accompany the puppy through each step of their preflight travel, such as check-in,
security screening and boarding. She remains with them in the cabin throughout
their flight journey.
Becoming a flight nanny takes time, but can provide an attractive income source.
Just keep in mind there will be expenses such as airfare and pet crate fees
associated with this career path.




As flight nannies gain more experience, their fees typically increase accordingly. To
ensure a successful transition of your puppy into its new home, be sure to hire one
with an established track record; that way you’re assured they have all of the skills
and knowledge needed.
Kopczynski advises those interested in becoming pet flight nannies to thoroughly
research the job before applying. In addition to gathering references and registering
with the USDA, becoming a flight nanny requires extensive paperwork and business
management duties.
Locating customers to transport puppies on either a full-time or part-time basis is of
utmost importance when operating as a transport service provider. An excellent
resource is CitizenShipper, where daily pet transportation jobs can be found by
breed, city and zip code.

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