How Much Do Nannies Cost in Los Angeles?

How Much Do Nannies Cost in Los


Considerations must be given when determining the cost of hiring a nanny, including
family location, qualifications and level of professionalism – each factoring into
hourly rates. Some families even include vacation pay and health care stipends in
their budgets for this service provider.
Nannies tend to receive higher compensation than babysitters, as they work on
regular schedules and become an integral part of the family unit. Furthermore,
nannies often perform non-child related tasks such as housekeeping in addition to
child-related ones.



Nanny salaries vary considerably based on their type of job and responsibilities, with
experience and qualifications taking priority over cost of living considerations.
Nannies provide more than child care – they also take on tasks such as grocery
shopping and housekeeping which can increase their salary by as much as 25
percent, according to Sittercity. Nannies should also receive compensation for
transporting children to school and extracurricular activities, providing meals,
preparing laundry loads or doing other laundry related duties.
Full-time nannies typically work 40 hours each week and earn a base salary plus
overtime pay, with additional employment benefits such as paid vacation and health
insurance available to them. Live-in nannies should receive room and board
compensation as part of their compensation, plus any applicable security deposits or
bonds may also apply.



Nannies offer many child-related services, from childcare and cooking to cleaning
and running errands – even transporting kids to activities – but can be costly for
families that require the hourly rate, taxes and benefits such as health insurance or
paid time off payments.
Average hourly rates for nannies in the United States range between $20-$35 an
hour; this can depend on location, experience level and job duties of each nanny
hired. Families also must factor in costs like food and housing when calculating this
hourly fee for their nanny.
Families that employ live-in nannies must also pay their household employment
taxes, which are withheld from each paycheck and reported quarterly to the IRS. If
their nanny earns over $2,400 in one year, additional Social Security and Medicare
taxes may also need to be withheld and reported – for ease of administration
purposes many families use payroll and tax services like Paychex to manage this
process for them.



Nanny sharing is an arrangement in which two families divide the costs associated
with hiring full-time nannies, offering parents an effective way to save money while
providing their children with care they require. Nanny shares also give children daily
playmates and teach them the value of sharing with one another.
A nanny’s salary should reflect her experience, certifications, and job responsibilities.
Furthermore, additional employment benefits such as medical insurance or gas
money may increase her hourly rate and help secure ongoing work.
Families should budget for the cost of hiring a nanny payroll service to ensure legal
and timely payment of their nanny, including overtime work performed and
expenses incurred as part of her duties. Nanny wages must be taxed as employer
income and records of payments must be kept accurate by each family.


Au pair

Live-in nannies offer more than child care; they also perform housework such as
washing clothes, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, organizing closets and drawers,
vacuuming, running errands for you or taking children to extracurricular activities –
these additional responsibilities may significantly increase their costs.
For families on a limited budget, an au pair is an attractive childcare solution. As
part of cultural exchange programs, these international childcare providers typically
receive room and board, along with weekly salary compensation for their assistance
– though many lack professional experience in early childhood education or child
Au pairs boast flexible schedules and can work up to 45 hours a week and 10 hours
daily, making them the ideal solution for families with unpredictable work hours,
such as finance professionals. Some families opt for payroll and tax services in order
to ensure their nanny is being paid correctly; such services generally cost $70 or
less monthly.



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