How Much Does a Live in Nanny Cost?

Live-in nannies provide great flexibility for families with hectic or non-standard
schedules; however, there may be other costs to keep in mind.
Assuming you hire a live in nanny, they require room and board which will not
typically result in pay deduction. Furthermore, you may also have to reimburse their
transportation expenses.


How Much Does a Live in Nanny Cost?


Room and Board


If you are hiring a live-in nanny, it is essential that you carefully consider what type
of wage package will work best. Some families deduct room and board costs from
their nanny’s paycheck or offer a lower hourly rate; doing this could leave her feeling
taken advantage of.
Other families provide their nannies with their own apartment where she can have
privacy away from the children, which may be more suitable as this allows the
nanny to separate her personal and professional lives without being disturbed
during meals or other family activities.
Establishing your nanny with their own living space also ensures she does not need
to travel home during inclement weather or subway strikes – making her more
available and providing peace of mind that her job won’t be at stake during times of



Many families opt to work with a nanny agency that understands local market, rates
and their family’s individual childcare needs in order to find an ideal candidate at an
affordable rate. This will ensure you hire a live in nanny that will meet these criteria
and meet them properly.
Nannies may receive either an hourly wage or salary, depending on their experience
and amount of hours worked. Typically, those with more experience tend to cost
As with many jobs, nannies may qualify for overtime earnings; state laws vary on
this. Nannies typically do not deduct room and board from their salaries as part of an
employment agreement and consider it part of the job benefit. Other considerations
might include health insurance costs and travel costs which vary greatly based on
where your nanny resides and travel needs; alternatively you could consider sharing
one nanny between multiple families to reduce overall costs.




Your family should pay your live-in nanny accordingly for her time away from home
and expenses she incurs during this travel, such as mileage reimbursement. She will
need money for meals, hotel stays and any other costs she might encounter along
the way.
Some families provide their nannies with their own separate apartment outside the
family home, at an additional cost, in order to give her more privacy and allow her to
focus solely on caring for your children during the day. While this arrangement
might cost more, it gives nannies more focus and attention from you during their
daily duties.
If you do choose to bring your nanny on vacation with you, be sure to provide her
with downtime and rest breaks during her journey. Transitioning back into regular
work week can be tough after such an adventure – consider offering her paid leave
once your vacation ends, either separately or as part of her weekly salary/guarantee
hours contract.




Live in nannies are an excellent option for families looking for flexibility or having
children with special needs, but can be an expensive commitment. A live-in nanny
typically needs their own bedroom and bathroom (unless sharing with another
family), full time food service, transportation costs covered as well as possible pet
Live in nannies are entitled to receive not only weekly pay and room and board but
also paid vacation and holiday time from their employers. Families may use a payroll
service such as GTM’s Household Payroll Service in order to manage tax filings and
employee benefits more easily.
Live in nannies typically work 40-50 hours each week but should always be available
when called. When negotiating their hourly rate, this must be taken into
consideration as all hours worked should be compensated for; depending on their
employer they may even assist with additional household responsibilities like
laundry or cooking for the family.


How Much Does a Live in Nanny Cost?

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