How Much Does a Nanny Cost in Atlanta?


Families hire nannies to care for their children and perform household duties.
Nannies are compensated for their time as well as reimbursed for mileage and food
expenses incurred while providing care.
Live-in nannies tend to live within the family home and receive meals provided. Liveout
nannies may have their own apartment with or without separate salaries.

How Much Does a Nanny Cost in

How much do nannies earn?

Nanny salaries depend on experience, education and qualifications; full-time nannies
may earn anywhere between $494 per week and $1,978 monthly in earnings.
Nanny salaries may also be affected by nanny taxes. The IRS requires household
employers to pay nanny taxes if the annual earnings surpass $2,600; families can
avoid these fees by employing a payroll service which manages all filings, annual
documents and pay stubs/receipts themselves.
Brieonna Johnson has been working as a nanny in Atlanta for four years and enjoys
building strong relationships with her employer’s children, which contributes to
keeping her busy as part of CNBC Make It’s Millennial Money series. We asked
Brieonna to break down her monthly expenses to give us an understanding of the
lifestyle associated with being a nanny; here is what she spent in November 2020.

How much do nannies cost?

Nanny costs can vary considerably; their hourly minimum rate varies by state and
locale, while experience, skills and education also have a direct impact. Additional
duties, such as transporting children between activities or school may further drive
rates upward.
Taxes related to employing full-time nannies should also be considered carefully.
Legally, when hiring full-time nannies you become employers and are required to
pay household employment taxes similar to what small businesses pay such as
social security, Medicare and unemployment insurance premiums. Nanny tax
services offer services designed specifically to calculate and withhold these
payments on your behalf.
Some families opt to hire a nanny payroll service, which will take the burden of taxes
and filings off their shoulders while simplifying the process. On average, these
services cost about $70 monthly. They can also assist in applying for Dependent
Care FSAs and Child Care tax credits.

What are the benefits of hiring a nanny?

Nannys offer families great flexibility. They can assist with children of any age in
many tasks such as meal preparation, house cleaning, running errands and
transportation needs and homework assistance.
NANNIES CAN REDUCE MORNING CHAOS: Navigating morning chaos can be tough
for parents. Nannys can help ease this burden while making sure kids eat healthy
meals and complete their homework on time – while also making sure that enough
physical activity takes place!
enter into contracts that guarantee consistent hours each week, helping your family
enjoy long-term stability with one person rather than numerous nannies coming and
going from your household. This reduces nanny turnover while giving the children
time to form meaningful relationships with one person over time.
on salary basis, the IRS requires household employers to withhold Social Security
and Medicare taxes from them; however, GTM’s nanny payroll and tax service
provides an easy solution at a monthly cost of less than 70 dollars per month for this

How do I find a nanny?

Finding reliable childcare is essential for every family. NannyPod makes it simple to
locate local babysitters, nannies and infant care specialists ready to assist you. Our
experts can also guide your search process from choosing between full-time
nannying or daycare facilities – even through hiring processes!
Childcare shouldn’t be stressful. At, we make your search for child
care easier by matching you with candidates that meet your unique requirements
and offering various services such as background checks, contracts and payroll
services – as well as helping keep you compliant with IRS rules and regulations
through our nanny tax service.
As we don’t charge any placement or application fees, search profiles by childcare
experience, qualifications & parent reviews & schedule interviews online
conveniently. Nanny taxes are included as part of your total cost of care with the IRS
mandating employers pay employment taxes for any nannies who earn more than
$2,400 annually (as of 2022) which you can either withhold from their paycheck
directly or pay separately to cover them yourself.


How much does a nanny cost in Atlanta?

What is the average nanny salary in Atlanta?

What are the nanny taxes in Atlanta?”

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